Effective weight loss workouts

To lose weight and keep your body in good shape, you can not do without a healthy diet and a set of workouts. Exercise effectively burns calories and builds muscle. About how the process of burning fat, what kind of weight loss exercises is better to choose, TOP-20 best workouts for weight loss at home - in this article.

Girl doing exercises to lose weight

How does the process of burning fat work?

There are two main sources of energy in the body - glycogen and fat. Glycogen is more powerful and easier to convert into energy than fat. That is why the body first tries to burn it, and only then comes the turn of fat.

Therefore, training should be at least half an hour, because otherwise, especially with the wrong diet, during training you will never get to the point of burning fat.

Physical activity with high oxygen consumption means any aerobic activity - that is, running, swimming, cycling, etc. These types of exercises are best for burning fat. Therefore, strength training, especially in a stuffy room, will not help you lose weight. Yes, this type of workout will train your muscles. But they will still not be visible due to the layer of subcutaneous fat.

Aerobic and strength training should be combined, as running or cycling alone will not give the desired result, because the body is able to adapt to monotonous exercise. And sooner or later, regular running will just stop working to burn fat. And here the alternation of the load will give the desired effect. In addition, the more muscle there is in your body, the faster it burns fat, so strength training with proper weight loss is essential.

Fat is a source of energy, not localized edema. Therefore, by acting on a certain area, such as the stomach or side, you cannot burn it in that particular place. The most you can do is move the fat below or above the area you will be working on due to the elasticity of the skin.

Exercise - thin abdomen

Therefore, exercise does not burn belly fat - it burns fat approximately evenly throughout the body.

Everyone has genetic characteristics. Therefore, some fat is best removed from the thighs, while others from the abdomen. This can happen even with the same training process and food system - it's just a genetic trait.

What kind of exercises to choose for weight loss?

The following workouts are considered the most effective for weight loss:

  • Cardio.This is prolonged physical activity with low intensity, which increases the heart rate. Such workouts include: an hour on the treadmill, walking on an elliptical trainer for twenty minutes.
  • Interval.They are performed with a change in both intensity and speed. These are jogging, walking on an ellipsoid, cycling. First speed up the run for half a minute, then jog for a minute and a half. The change of speed takes about 20-30 minutes.
  • Power.Such workouts include exercises with weights or using your own weight. They are cyclical.

Success in weight loss is due not only to regular exercise, but also to a review of the diet.

Proper nutrition determines the result by 80-90 percent. You can dedicate up to 10 hours a week to grueling workouts, but reduce the effect achieved during that time to zero in the remaining 168 hours. Those who want to lose weight should adhere to a strict diet. It is necessary to completely give up fizzy drinks and fast food. The diet should contain only healthy and natural foods, ie fruits and vegetables, lean (lean) meat.

20 effective exercises at home

A list of the best home exercises for beginners, along with information on how to do them properly. Read them and combine them to create a personalized workout program that makes it easy for you to start your first fitness classes at home.

Exercises for burning belly fat

The abdominal muscles are located in front and to the side, so the exercises should be selected so that all the muscles work well in proportion. In addition, it must be remembered that the abdominal muscles are muscles, our goal is not to build muscle, but to remove fat from the abdomen and sides.


The starting position of the exercise is to bend your arms at the elbows, the body position is the emphasis, lying on your elbows. You have to rely on your forearms and toes. The elbows are placed strictly under the shoulders, the thighs and abdomen are tense throughout the session. The barbell is performed on exhalation and held until there is enough force (start with 10 seconds).

  • Legs together - this will increase the load on the muscular complex of the abdomen.
  • The legs are kept straight, with great tension.
  • The buttocks are tense all the time.
  • The lumbar spine should be flat when performing the board. Do not round or bend your back.
  • The stomach is attracted to the ribs, but you do not need to hold your breath.
  • The elbows are placed just below the shoulders, which will lighten the shoulder girdle.


Nothing burns belly fat faster than crunching.

  1. Lie flat on the mat, bend your knees, feet on the floor. Alternatively, you can raise your legs at a 90-degree angle.
  2. Raise your arms and place them behind your head, or cross them over your chest.
  3. Take a deep breath and exhale as you lift your upper body.
  4. Inhale again as you descend, exhale as you ascend.
  5. Do it 10 times if you are a beginner.
  6. Repeat 2-3 more sets.


One of the easiest ways to get rid of those extra pounds. Running helps to speed up the metabolism, eliminates the effects of stress, which is why it is very effective in losing weight and burning excess fat.

For more efficient fat burning, slow long-distance running is appropriate. Following proper running techniques can help you avoid fatigue and injury:

  1. We look ahead, keeping our heads upright.
  2. The shoulders are pulled back and down.
  3. The back is slightly tense to stabilize the thighs.
  4. The elbows are bent at an angle of 90 degrees.
  5. The foot lands smoothly: first on the heel, then gently rolls on the toe.

Lifting the legs

Dynamic exercise for the lower rectus abdominal muscle. It must be performed in a repetitive style: the number of leg raises in one approach must be at least 20.


  1. Lie on your back on a sports mat.
  2. Place your hands on your body.
  3. Put your ankles together, straighten your legs and raise them 15 cm above the floor.
  4. With a quick movement, lift your legs up (a right angle should be formed between the thighs and the upper body).
  5. Return your legs to their original position.
  6. Repeat the movement several times.
  7. Perform 3 sets with the minimum possible break between sets (rest no more than 30 seconds)


Transfer your weight to your left leg, bend your right leg, and use the press to bring your knee to your stomach.

  1. Make a slight turn forward, pull your left hand up and your right hand down.
  2. Pull your stomach.
  3. For 20 seconds, change your arms, bending at the body - raise your right arm as far as you can while on one leg. The task is not to fall out of an unstable position. The "mill" can be performed with slow movements.
  4. Repeat with the other leg.

Exercises for the buttocks and thighs

Attack forward

Excellent exercise to strengthen the muscle groups of the buttocks and thighs. Stand up straight. Spread your legs slightly. We take a step forward, bend our legs at a right angle and slowly sit on it. The foot, located at the back, is completely straight and close to the floor, leaning on the toe. Keep your back straight, shoulders straight. We rise with an emphasis on the foot of the foot, brought forward. We perform the exercise about ten times in two or three approaches.

Gluteal bridge

Isolation exercises train the gluteal muscles and visually raise the "fifth point".

  1. We lie freely, arms on the body, feet shoulder-width apart.
  2. Bend your knees at a right angle and lift the buttocks off the floor, leaning on the steps. In this case, a half-bridge is formed.
  3. Elevation can be placed under the legs to increase the load on the gluteal muscles.
  4. We stay in this position for a few seconds.
  5. We go down to the floor.

Leading the legs back

The fact that you put all your weight on your arms and knees means that your gluteal muscles have to do all the work of lifting your legs. This is an isolation exercise that will guide your ass very effectively!

Side exercises

Raise your legs while lying on your side

  1. For the first side exercise, lie on the floor.
  2. Roll to your right side and lift your torso, bending your right elbow and resting your palms on the floor.
  3. Tighten your abdomen and as you exhale, lift your straight legs off the floor.
  4. Hold this position slightly. As you inhale, lower them and relax. Do not overload the body, keep it level at all times.
  5. Do one set of 30 reps.
  6. Then turn to your left and repeat the movement.

Constant abduction of the hip joint

One of the most effective side exercises is leg abduction.

  1. Stand sideways against a wall and lean on it with one hand.
  2. Bend the second at the elbow and place it at the waist.
  3. When exhaling, lift your legs up and as you inhale, return to the starting position.
  4. Repeat 30 times and change legs.

Leg exercises

Squat "Plie"

It works well on the leg muscles with an emphasis on the inner surface of the thigh. This area needs a good load, as it is usually a little included in everyday life. This part of the thigh usually develops subcutaneous fat, which can be difficult to deal with.

  1. We perform squats with a straight back. The arms are stretched parallel to the floor. The legs are wider than the shoulders, the toes are slightly turned outwards.
  2. We do not squat completely - the knees do not go beyond the toes. The pace is slow, breathing is free.
  3. We start with ten repetitions. For advanced level, do twenty exercises with two to three repetitions.
  4. Rest for thirty seconds between sets.

Exercise "Table"

A normal exercise that puts a good load on all the muscles. Excellent calorie burner.

  1. Standing with our backs to the wall, we step away from it half a step and begin to descend slowly, as if sitting in a chair.
  2. In the hip and knee joints we repeat the bending of the chair structure.
  3. We hold the pose for thirty seconds.
  4. We rise and relieve muscle tension by shaking gently with our legs and arms.
  5. We make three approaches.

Hand exercises

Ejection of the knee

Included - delta, triceps and large pectoral muscles. Knee pads are a lighter version of floor pads. It is recommended to perform it to strengthen the muscles, followed by a transition to push-ups from the floor. You should try in each lesson, straightening your legs, move your knees a little further. The position of the arms when doing push-ups can be normal and tight.

  1. We rest our knees and arms, shoulder-width apart, on the floor;
  2. Lift and cross your legs;
  3. We do push-ups, straightening our arms at the elbows;
  4. The movements are smooth and not in a hurry. This pace contributes to good muscle training.
With narrow hands

Using a narrow arm posture, you can increase the load on the triceps. We perform the exercise in the same way as in the first version, but we put our hands a little narrower than the shoulders. You can also do push-ups on a wall or bench. For beginners five to ten push-ups.

Curl with dumbbells

Biceps exercise. You can use several options to perform the exercise. When you use light weights and a large number of approaches, it perfectly removes fat from the arms and shoulders.

With simultaneous bending:

  1. It is performed in an upright position, as well as in a sitting position, leaning on the back. This allows for a better load on the muscles, as the force of inertia when lifting a dumbbell cannot be used;
  2. We take dumbbells and begin to bend the elbows, moving the projectile to the shoulders.

Alternatively, you can use a lot of weight, as the muscles in one arm can rest.

Exercises for the waist


  1. Lie on the floor.
  2. Fingers on the back of the head (do not block your fingers), elbows pointing forward. The legs are elongated.
  3. At the same time, bend your right knee towards your chest and reach for it with your left elbow, squeezing the oblique abdominal muscles.
  4. Change sides immediately: bend the left leg and stretch with the right elbow.
  5. Repeat 40 times (20 on each side). 3-4 sets with an interval of 30 seconds.


  1. Lie on the floor with outstretched arms behind your head, legs spread.
  2. At the same time, lift your straight legs off the floor and extend your straight arms to your toes, lifting your back off the floor. The body seems to form the letter V.
  3. Slightly "round" the lower back as you move up and down.
  4. Repeat 20 times. 3-4 sets with an interval of 30 seconds.

Chest exercises

Squeezing the palms

Exercise helps strengthen the muscles of the bust. Concentrate on muscle contraction.

  1. Slowly squeeze the palms of your hands in front of your chest. The fingers are pointing straight up.
  2. At maximum effort, we hold for a few seconds and gradually open our palms. You can visually determine the benefits of the performed exercise - at maximum compression of the palms the bust rises slightly.
  3. We repeat seven times.


Burpee is an exercise that can replace an entire workout as it is a minimal gymnastic complex. Promotes calorie burning - the number one movement for those who want to lose those extra pounds. It can be included both in the chest muscle complex and can be performed independently. This movement works through all muscle groups, so it is compared to a mini-simulator. Especially contributes to the weakening of the buttocks, chest and abdomen.

  1. We perform a deep squat, with palms resting on the floor.
  2. We lie down and push ourselves off the floor.
  3. We return to the squat, jump, raise our arms high, and squat again.

These elements make up an exercise that needs to be repeated for twenty seconds, after which you can take a break for a few pieces and repeat a few more times. The number of repetitions depends on fitness and age.

Breathing exercises for weight loss


BodyFlex slimming exercises for weight loss were developed by Greer Childers. Exercises for proper breathing are combined with moderate physical activity. All tasks are performed at a moderate pace. The following Bodyflex complex will help you significantly narrow your waist, get rid of sagging sides and tighten your buttocks:

  1. Leo. Stand upright with legs spread at shoulder level. Put your hands on your hips. Take a deep, noisy breath, inhaling most of the air through your abdomen. Hold the oxygen for 2-3 seconds, then release your lungs by sucking on your stomach. As you exhale, squeeze your tongue tightly with your lips.
  2. Lateral stretching. The starting position is analogous to the "lion". Without lifting your right leg off the floor while inhaling, gently transfer your body weight to your left knee, resting your elbow on it. Pull your right hand up and your left hand to the side. Fix the posture just as long as you can hold without another breath. Exhale, return to the beginning. Do 4 reps for each leg.
  3. Press. Take a position - lie on your back. Bend your knees, pressing the soles of your feet against the mat. Raise your hands up. Inhale, lift your shoulders up, stretching your arms toward the ceiling. Relax on exhalation. Do 3-4 repetitions.


This is both physical and breathing exercise. Despite its apparent simplicity, it is characterized by a complex technique of execution, but with perseverance and patience anyone can master it. In terms of performance, it is not inferior to tape and twists. Equally suitable for men and women. Anyone who dreams of a slim figure should include it in their training plan.

  1. Inhale deeply and slowly through the nose.
  2. Hold your breath for a few seconds. Feel the tension in the abdominal muscles.
  3. Strong, energetic, but just as deep exhalation through the mouth to completely empty the lungs of air.

Useful tips and rules for performing the exercises

  • Any activities requirewarm-up. . . This will prepare the muscles, ligaments and joints, warm them, which minimizes the likelihood of injury.
  • The training should be intensive, but still in a very gentle mode.
  • The minimum breaks between sets are 30 seconds.But not giving up rest at all, it will only lead to rapid fatigue (physical, moral), which will lead to stagnation in training or even their complete cessation.
  • You should drink water between exercises, but little.- One or two sips will suffice. Water will speed up your metabolism, which means burning fat.
  • Proper execution technique- a recipe for success. If you do not follow this rule, exercise will not be useful, but can be harmful - can lead to injury.
  • Exercise will not work if you eat anything at the same time, without any system and in unjustified quantities.Adjust the menu and power modeit is necessary to bring it closer to the option recommended by nutritionists.
  • Exercise should be one hour after a meal. . . After classes, it is not worth eating for the next 2 hours, because the process of burning fat still continues in the body. Violating this rule will not allow you to lose weight quickly.
  • Ifadd dancing, running or swimming to your workouts, this will help significantly speed up the weight loss process.


By combining these 20 weight loss exercises and following the tips for their implementation, you will very quickly get rid of those extra pounds, regain a beautiful figure and improve your health.