Instructions for use 7 Slim

Annotation for the application of 7 thin drops

how to use 7 slim for weight loss

Despite the fact that the package of 7 Slim drops contains instructions for use, it is difficult for many to understand, so below we have presented a more affordable option, you can find instructions on our website.

Weight loss will be noticeable in the first weeks of using the weight loss product. To get a decent result, it is important to use a tool for fast weight loss regularly and correctly. Using spots:

  • the ampoule is opened;
  • content is drunk;
  • washed with clean water;
  • The
  • procedure is repeated several times a day.

For complete cleansing of the body and elimination of excess weight, the duration of the course should be at least one month. This period has been established by experts. A nutritionist may recommend a repeat course if necessary.

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Indications and contraindications

Despite its flexibility, the drug has a number of indications and contraindications. There are very few of them, so it's worth taking a minute to familiarize yourself with the table.

Testimonials Contraindications
overweight There are no contraindications, the main thing is to adhere to the correct dosage of the drug
Digestive system problems
Slow metabolism
The need to remove excess fat

Our operators will be happy to explain how to use 7 Slim if you still have questions after reading.